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A Reliable tripmaster with no wire connections to the vehicle, a GPS navigator, a road-book creator and…


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Product discontinued, contact by phone to find out about the availability of last pieces or refurbished units.

Blizz Tripy II is a reliable tripmaster, a GPS navigator, an average speed chronometer, a high precision clock, an altimeter, a compass. a data logger and a Roadbook creator.
Tripy II is not wire connected to the car, it can be placed and taken away according to necessities on every 2-4 wheel modern or historic vehicle. Tripy II can store in memory a thousand kilometer itineraries which can be easily downloaded onto a PC or directly onto another Tripys II to share the same itinerary with other users. The selected itinerary will be displayed as roadbook sketches.

Tripmaster with partial and total distance counter. Resetting function of counters is available.
GPS clock, altimeter and compass function.
Instant and average speed updated every second.
Load of road book files to transfer and share the itinerary on Google Maps, Google Earth and Tele Atlas Maps.
GPS navigator. Setting of final destination addresses in Europe and turistic itineraries.
Storage of 13 nations’ maps, 500 itineraries for more than 250.000 km through the most enchanting and interesting sites in Europe (approx. 800.000).
With the program Road Tracer Pro you can create, print a paper version and share your professional roadbook files onto PC or directly onto other Blizz Tripy II.
Scratch-resistant and waterproof body with a wide back-lighted display.
Powered by one 2.000 mA/h big capacity rechargeable lithium cell to grant a battery autonomy up to 20 hours.
Car holder with adjustable aluminium die-cast support and suction cup.

The set includes:
One Blizz Tripy II
USB connecting cable to PC or Charger
12v Charger
220V Charger
USB connecting cable
Car holder with support and suction cup or Motorcycle holder with support for handle-bar
Software Road Tracer Pro
Instruction Manual in Italian
Interactive CDROM illustrating the chronometer running operations step by step (windows compatible)