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The Blizz Patent innovative Kit  for regularity car races training sessions


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Realtimes 3 is a device made by one hi-speed Tx transmitter and one hi-speed Rx Receiver. The impulse generated by the pressostat or photocell is transferred in less than two millisecond to the Rx connected the chronometer in the car.  The driver’s real time is immediately displayed onboard and turns into a drastic reduction in learning and improving times thus upgrading training session to a professional way. In addition the beep sound which is being perceived in an almost sublimal way brings out the driver and co-driver’s advance or late time.
Equipped with 400 different channels Realtimes 3 allows training sessions of several drivers, at the same time, in the same place, with no frequency interferences. Compact design, complete with external connecting plugs and cables to be connected to several pressostats, chronometers, or chrono-printers on board.

Additional Tx transmitters can be purchased separately to simulate ability trials in series according to personal need.
Realtimes is a Blizz patent product to train both driver and co-driver simultaneously.

The kit contains:
Two Realtimes 3 modules : one Tx Transmitter + one Rx Receiver
One extensible tripode to set  the Tx Transmitter on the ground
Connecting cables to chronometers and pressostats
Instruction Manual in Italian or English