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GPS Synchro BLU

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Small size high precision synchronizer.


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GPS SYNCRO provides the exact time with microsecond accuracy for synchronizing chronometers, chrono-printers and  many other electronic devices. Two external mini USB jacks provide the START signal by means of a contact closing at 00 time of every minute.
The GPS SYNCRO is a sophisticated satellite network computer with a millionths of a second precision.

Inside sound scan activable at the 54” 55” 56” 57” 58” 00”.
50 receiving channels.
High sensibility provided by the active inside antenna and Super Sense System.
KickStart system allows quick signal recording also in case of poor GPS coverage.
Two mini USB jacks provide signal A=precise signal,  signal V=delayed signal by 0,074 second (as provided by an old type synchro produced  by another Supplier).
Best quality alkaline batteries grant 30 hour-life.

117 x 72 x 25 mm
Weight: 190 gr.

Synchronizer GPS SYNCRO
Short Instruction manual in Italian