PRIMATIST, an Italian Team a worldwide challenge

PRIMATIST, an Italian Team a worldwide challenge

Event information. After more than twenty years, Gianmaria Aghem has decided to retrace the road of records for electric cars, taking inspiration from Bertone's ZER, redesigning all the vehicle components: from the chassis to the body structure, from the aerodynamics to the propulsion, from batteries to electronics.

Purposes of Blizz Primatist: demonstrate how an electric car, powered only by batteries, can go far without recharging. On the High Speed ​​track of Balocco, Primatist will try to cover the distance of 500 km in about 4 hours.

Intents: once the first goal will be reached, the plan is to the Technical Center of Nardò, to improve the world time record of 100 km and 100 miles.

The team: Gianmaria Aghem, a passionate and historic cars driver, is the creator of the project. He involved Eugenio Pagliano, the Polytechnic of Turin, experts with important experiences in the automotive and motorsport and Italian companies of excellence.


Contacts: Tel +393483124489

Presentation event 17 April 2019

Event program (registration required)During the evening, a short movie about the history of Bertone's Zer and developments and construction phases of Blizz Primatist will be plaied. Designers and builders will be available to answer questions from the public.

The presentation will continue in the suggestive "Plaza" of the Museum with cocktail.

Location: Museo dell'Automobile di Torino - Corso Unità d'Italia, 40, 10126 Torino TO - Italy

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