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High precision chronometer for regularity car races


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C-300 is a high precision chronometer specifically engineered for regularity car races.
The combination of high precision, versatility, simple usage and easy data entry.

C-300 features:
Memory storage 256 time values.
Possibility of setting up to 128 ability trial times and 128 time controls (hundreths of a second) with count down. Set times are kept in memory after the chronometer is switched off.
Sound beep can be activated or deactivated on request: Automatic sound beep of the last seconds (from 1 to 59 seconds).
Sound beep at 30 seconds before the end of each count down.
Special features: possibility of deleting accidentally entered times and/or anchoring to the last recorded time in case of unaffected time start.
Professional type START switch.
External plugs for additional START switch, cuffs or amplifier.
Large back-lighted display and keyboard for night racing.
Powered by one big capacity rechargeable lithium cell to grant battery autonomy up to 600 hours.

Dimentions: 122 x 89 x 24 mm
Weight: 270 gr.

The set includes:
One multifunction chronometer Blizz Timing C-300
One 12 v Charger
One 220 V Charger
Instruction manual in Italian
Interactive CDROM illustrating the chronometer running operations step by step