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Mediometro SPEED 2.0

490,98 €

Average Speed professional chronometer.


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High precision chronometer detecting the progressive theoretical distance to run to keep the imposed average speed. Possibility of setting a corrective distance ratio with 5 decimals to be in line with the distance imposed by the Race Organizing Committee.

Setting of average speed from 6 to 700 Km /hour with three decimals after the comma.
Ten different average speed data can be set separately or in sequence.
Sound beep setting every 10 meters, 100 meters, 10 and 100 meters simultaneously.
Clock function with electrical synchronization by other chronometers and/or syncros.
Counter of the theoretical distance run.
Setting of start distance data different from zero.
Adaptable to any linear unit (miles, kilometres etc).
High professional start switch.
Large back-lighted display and keyboard for night racing.
External plugs for additional START switch, cuffs or amplifier.
Powered by one big capacity rechargeable lithium cell to grant battery autonomy up to 1000 hours.

Dimensions: 122 x 89 x 24 mm
Weight: 270 gr.

The set includes:
One average speed chronometer SPEED 2.0
One 12 v charger
One 220 V charger
Instruction manual
Interactive CDROM illustrating the chronometer running operations step by step