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Blunik Sport Calculator&Drive

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For experts who want even more precision.
A perfect complement for Blunik II to lead the regularity rallies.

It includes a “cut road” compensator, automatic calibration and auto-adjust of the “cut road” parameter.

Every rally is diferent, every timekeeper is diferents, so that make us think more, study more and learn more. Fantastic!

Sport & Drive Calculator is a 2 in 1.

Calculator functions:

It corrects your calibration.
Every time you finish a section and you don’t have the exact distance, do you think, do I have to change my calibration?
Well, here is the solution, with the great advantage that the calibration changes when is needed, not afer your penalty points.

It corrects your % value of SPORT DRIVE param.

Drive features:

Great device to achive going all time with exact total distance.

whatever is your driving style.

It measures all you “cuttings roads” just when you cut the road and calculates all for giving you the correct distance.

Incredible and true. You need to see and you will belive it.

Accessory for Blunik II version 4.03 and higher.

Accessory for BLUNIK II. Just connect it and it’s ready. Connection cable included.