Suction Cronometers attachment

81,15 €
Suction attachment holder for chronometers and instruments

Blizz Timing bag

15,57 €
Blizz Timing bag for chronometers and accessories

Blizz Battery test for C-300 and SPEED

23,77 €
A simple device to check the batteries’ overall condition

Pressostato Primatist

146,72 €
The professional pressostat adopted by the most important Timekeepers Associations

Spare TPR red rubber tube

31,97 €
The replacement tube for Primatist Pressostat

Energy & Power Bank 66

163,11 €
An incredible reserve of electrical power supply to start your car engine.. in less than 700 gr.!


638,52 €
The best for average speed competitions.

Blunik Pad

113,93 €
La tastiera per il Blunik II